Quality Management

The fruits coming from the farms of one of the world's largest elderberry growing cooperatives, which guarantee uniform quality, are the results of our nearly 25 years of persistent work, our conscious research-development and innovation activity (R+D+I), and our love for fruits.

Our system of expert consulting and the joint procurement of input materials result in a uniform, high-quality product base, and our long-term strategic collaborations enable harvests at ideal times. Our GlobalGap, IFS and Organic certificates provide a self-evident guarantee that we meet even the the highest of customer requirements.

In 2023, we aligned our business with our customers' needs and obtained a FAIR Trade, as well as a KOSHER and a HALAL certificate, which serve to ensure the availability of our Cooperative's fruits in any region of the world.

We are unique in being able to distinguish between our varieties based on inner content, which enables us to precisely serve all of our customers' known needs.