Thrice-cleaned, laser-sorted elderberries (varieties with high antocyanin content)

The thrice-cleaned, optically selected elderberry - the highest quality product available on the market - is ready for use on its own. It is free of foreign substances and contains only a minimal amount of imperfect berries. Thanks to a unique combination of state-of-the-art sorting machines, ours is an outstanding product on the market.

Anthocyanin content is the most significant raw material aspect in the production of products related to the health industry. Traditionally, the Haschberg variety serves this purpose, since its anthocyanin content is around the double of naturally gathered wild elderberries and, with appropriate cultivation technology and an optimal harvest, can be improved even further. BOTESZ's own varieties, along with its integrated producers' Haschberg plantations, performed outstandingly in the international arena based on lab results sent by OUR PARTNERS in recent years!