Organic sour cherries

A key segment of PO's profile is focused on the production and sale of organic sour cherries. Food processing industries use sour cherries in four different ways:

1. Juice and concentrate –varieties with high acid and color are preferred.

2. Canning and frozen food industry – varieties with balanced acid and sugar content and with firm fruit flesh are canned.

3. Confectionery – special varieties with non-coloring juice.

4. Pulp – our Hungarian varieties are richer in antioxidants than others produced worldwide.

Currently, we have an annual quantity of 200 tonnes from our BIO sour cherry, grown on our young plantations, available for our customers in the various frozen categories (seeded or whole), as puree in barrels, or transported in tanker trucks. 

Our producers are known for their reliable quality and outstanding product base, which gives us an opportunity to meet even special customer requirements agreed ahead of the season!